TRIPLEX 3 panels, approx. 3 mm in overall thickness, are the compact, ultra-lightweight product in the TRIPLEX family, yet surprisingly strong and rugged. The combination of rigidity and extremely light weight makes TRIPLEX 3 the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications.

One example: TRIPLEX 3 panels can be used as components of cages for small animals. With outstanding weathering resistance, the cages are ideally suited for outdoor use and are also easy to clean and assemble. TRIPLEX 3 panels can also be used as lightweight container partitions or horizontal dividers to protect and separate products in transport. They offer big advantages including significantly higher strength and moisture resistance as compared to cardboard and other conventional materials.

TRIPLEX 3 is also ideal for fabrication of contoured part trays which can be precreased and folded to form lightweight, flexible boxes which cradle and enclose the transported products.


Product Programme

Area weight, approx. Thickness, approx.
1000 g/m² 3.6 mm
1500 g/m² 4.0 mm
2000 g/m² 4.4 mm

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