Next-Loop! – The Cost-Saving Idea for Our Environment

TRIPLEX structured-core panel products are known throughout the industry for their outstanding quality and exceptional workmanship. However, while serving well in demanding day-in day-out use, even these premium panels and products can be damaged or in fact destroyed by misuse or improper handling.

Responding to this situation, TRIPLEX offers their exclusive Next-Loop! service. Whether you decide to repair, recycle or replace damaged structured-core products, you benefit from this service in several different ways. First, you will realize significant cost reductions by reducing purchase quantities of new panels and keeping them operative on a permanent basis. In addition, you will make an important contribution to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. You will also benefit from low repair costs and material cost savings – i.e. your environmental bonus. A further feature: Next-Loop! services are provided not only for TRIPLEX products but also for almost all types of similar polypropylene panels.