Optimum Protection With Plastic Sheet, Foam
and Dimple Texturing

multipLayer is a specialty sheet designed for transport protection of products carried in reusable containers. Its foam/sheet laminate structure and special dimple texturing provide outstanding protection in a wide variety of applications. Protection begins with impact cushioning when the part is placed in the container. Wrapped around the part, the sheet fits to its contours and prevents direct contact of adjacent parts, therefore ensuring damage-free transport.

With superb perforation strength and outstanding tensile strength, multipLayer provides reliable protection of all transported goods, even parts with sharp edges, pointed corners or heavy weight. Another advantage of this material is its compact volume which allows maximum space utilization within the transport container. multipLayer can be supplied in any desired size and also can be trimmed to required sizes by the user.

multipLayer is available in two basic versions. multipLayer 3 provides cushioning from the PE foam layer on the lower surface while its small-dimple texturing acts as a “mini-airbag” for light and medium-weight goods. multipLayer 8, designed for protection of heavy and extremely heavy products, has a PE foam layer on the upper surface and bigger dimples for even higher compressive strength.

Advantages and Benefits


highly resilient cushioning
soft, damage-free protection
safe transport
optimum space utilization
low weight
minimum volume
high tensile strength
outstanding perforation resistance
recyclable = environment-friendly

Available Versions


grey (standard)
black (recycled resin)
any desired colour

Supply forms
roll-form material, 1 m or 2 m wide, up to 20 m long
cut sections dimensioned to your specifications

Download multipLayer brochure [PDF]