Best Marks for Technology, Function and Design.

CoverTec: the new range of surface-enhanced structured-core panels from TRIPLEX. A duet of technology and beauty in concert, CoverTec lets you think in totally new dimensions in terms of the image projected by packaging and its technical performance. Wherever structured-core panels are used, CoverTec surfaces open up a multitude of new options in terms of design, visual appearance and product presentation.

CoverTec "SlideStop"

Holds Products in Place During Transport

CoverTec "SlideStop" is a supporting surface for products which must be prevented from shifting or sliding during transport. Fully recyclable, it consists of a slide-resistant covering film securely welded over a structured-core base – combining the softness of an elastic mat with the outstanding physical strength of TRIPLEX structured-core panels. It is ideal for simple and problem-free transport of glass, plexiglass, stainless steel, porcelain and other products which are sensitive to impact damage resulting from sliding.

CoverTec "Soft&Smooth"

Secure Protection with Non-Woven Fabric and Foam

CoverTec "Soft&Smooth" is a cemented or welded non-woven fabric surface which cushions extremely sensitive product surfaces (e.g. decorative lacquers or other highly glossy surfaces) to prevent scratching due to dirt and dust particles in transport. The laminated foam layer contours to even the most irregular shapes, surrounding the packaged product and keeping it firmly in place.

CoverTec "Grained"

The Practical Showcase for High-End Products

CoverTec "Grained" packaging showcases a wide variety of high-end products including technical or musical instruments with a good-looking and pleasant-to-touch grained surface that reflects the value of the goods inside. The surface texturing has an interesting feel to it and is not sensitive to scratching and dirt accumulation.

CoverTec "Skin"

Design and Presentation for any Occasion

CoverTec "Skin" surfaces are specifically designed to personify or virtually project an object, service or brand. CoverTec "Skin" with a wood, cork or stone (marble) decorative finish provides a highly personalized touch for interior panels and components, e.g. in camper vans or other vehicles. Structured-core panels surfaced with fabrics, artificial leather or similar materials project a distinctive first-class appearance.

CoverTec "Colour"

Very Expressive. Very Noticeable.

A top-quality, striking appearance is presented by structured-core panels in two colours – for example black on the inside and signal red on the outside in accordance with users’ corporate design specifications. Your imagination is the only limit for the designs and combinations used. The desired colour is created by a thin film welded onto the panel surface; both the film and the panel are fully recyclable.

CoverTec "Option"

Your Wish is Our Command.

Wherever and however you use TRIPLEX structured-core panels and their various CoverTec versions in your logistics and manufacturing processes, our packaging experts and design artists can help you do so in the best possible way. Let us create your very own CoverTec "Option": a tailor-made version personalized to your exact requirements.

Download Structured-Core Panels brochure, special issue for CoverTec [PDF]