These TRIPLEX brochures can be downloaded as PDF files:


  • New: „EcoLine“ – More than just recycled material
    The new, sustainable, resource-saving range of TRIPLEX structured-core panels: made from our own premium 100% recycled polypropylene with a minimal carbon footprint. For optimum environmental performance combined with excellent material properties. It can be adapted perfectly to the individual customer requirements.

  • New: CoverTec „strong“ – Safety and durability for container systems
    CoverTec “strong” is the new TRIPLEX structured-core panel that comes finished with either a high-strength, plain-weave polypropylene fabric or a special polypropylene non-woven material. When it comes to protecting load carriers and goods from damage caused by forklifts and pallet trucks, robust CoverTec “strong” is a truly impressive solution in every respect.

  • New: Container bases – Flexible for even greater safety and protection
    TRIPLEX container bases – the perfect addition to increase transport safety and protection of the transported goods in large carriers. They are firmly connected to the TRIPLEX pallet enclosures or TRIPLEX pallet sleeves, and their design can be customised to fit their area of use.

  • Attachment sleeves – Secure, practical, smart and specially designed for flat pallets
    TRIPLEX attachment sleeves combine shipping and sales packaging in one solution. In a matter of seconds, they turn a conventional flat pallet into a bespoke container that can be used to transport and store goods safely and securely – and is sure to catch the eye on the sales floor, too.

  • QuickSnap – The rapid, one-handed closure with no additional parts
    The QuickSnap closure – it locks fast, can be used with one hand and is sustainable because it is formed from a TRIPLEX structured-core panel, with no need for any additional components. It is not system-dependent and can be integrated directly into TRIPLEX pallet enclosures and sleeves.

  • QuickFit – The quick and robust sleeve connecting profile
  • Structured-Core Panels
  • Pallet Enclosures
  • Plug’n Pack – The rapid sleeve pack system
  • Site Hoardings and Dust Partition Walls