Structured-Core Panels –
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Amazingly versatile, TRIPLEX structured-core panels offer a unique combination of high physical strength and surprisingly light weight. Made from rugged high-impact polypropylene, they provide decisive advantages in many different fields and can be supplied in tailor-made designs adapted to your specific requirements, however challenging they may be.

Let’s talk applications!

TRIPLEX has been manufacturing structured-core panels since 2003 for enthusiastic users all over the world. Inventive skill, ingenuity and “Made in Germany” engineering have powered their success over the years as a supplier of highly innovative and versatile products. Maintaining close contact with customers, TRIPLEX welcomes the challenges of special applications and custom-engineered solutions. Prototype products conceived by TRIPLEX normally are taken directly into series production without need for modifications. The product development resources and expertise of the TRIPLEX team are yours to benefit from. Tell us your specific needs and we will meet them using the unique capabilities of TRIPLEX structured-core panels. Together we will find optimum solutions for your intended product and application field.

Advantages at a Glance:

ultra-light weight
outstanding compressive strength, impact strength, thermal insulation
smooth, level surfaces
rot-resistant and unaffected by moisture
fully approved for use in foods applications
superb resistance to a wide range of chemical substances
easy to process to finished products
suitable for printing with a variety of processes
compatible for lamination with a wide range of TRIPLEX CoverTec surfacing options including foams,
sheets, nonwoven fabrics and coloured surfaces
can be cut to size in accordance with specific requirements
100 % recyclable, by means of the TRIPLEX NextLoop
Service, combining environmental responsibility and cost efficiency

Secrets of TRIPLEX Technology

TRIPLEX structured-core panels are made up of three polypropylene sheet layers welded together to a solid composite structure. The dimpled inner layer is sandwiched between two outer layers in an expertly engineered design which is unique and different from conventional corrugated-core panels. The dimples extend to both sides and are low in overall height, ensuring uniform thickness distribution and excellent compressive strength. This ingenious design guarantees an outstanding welding bond between the dimpled inner layer and the rugged outer layers. The air gap provided by the symmetric dimple pattern accounts for the extremely light weight of TRIPLEX structured-core panels.

Download Structured-Core Panels brochure [PDF]