Partition Walls – What Types to Use, Why and Where? Site Hoardings and Dust Control Walls for Indoors and Outdoors

Every building owner, architect and site manager has been faced at times with situations requiring temporary enclosure or partitioning of construction or renovation work sites. Whether the site is outdoors or indoors, the partitioning walls must be sturdy and secure and must minimize disturbance of nearby areas. And of course they must be easy to install, cost-efficient and pleasing to the eye.

With their site hoarding walls and dust partition systems, TRIPLEX provides answers to your site partitioning problems. ISO-PROTECT hoardings reliably secure your outdoor job sites against unwanted intruders. ISO-CLEAN dust control walls make indoor construction work easy with minimum bother and mess. Both ISO-PROTECT and ISO-CLEAN are also ideal for crowd control and highly visible presentation of advertising, corporate identity and/or other information as desired.

Site Hoardings and Dust Control Walls – pleasing to the eye • dimensionally exact • cost-efficient