CoverTec - anything but standard

Best Marks for Technology, Function and Design.

CoverTec: the new range of surface-enhanced structured-core panels from TRIPLEX. A duet of technology and beauty in concert, CoverTec lets you think in totally new dimensions in terms of the image projected by packaging and its technical performance. Wherever structured-core panels are used, CoverTec surfaces open up a multitude of new options in terms of design, visual appearance and product presentation.

CoverTec "SlideStop"

Stop sliding with SlideStop

The SlideStop surface provides safety against skidding. A rubbery cover film is firmly applied onto the structured core panel. The surface thus acts like a rubber mat while still featuring the special stability of the TRIPLEX panel. It is often used as an intermediate layer for the safe transport of sensitive cargo such as glass, porcelain or stainless steel and is 100 % recyclable.

CoverTec "Soft&Smooth"

Protected by fleece and foam

Structured core panels with Soft & Smooth coating are also available with non-woven or foam lamination. The fleece material protects highly sensitive surfaces from scratches caused by dirt particles during packaging or transport. The foam version, in contrast, ensures secure embedding and cushioning resulting in optimum breakage resistance during transport.

CoverTec "Grained"

Texture to avoid dirt and scratches

CoverTec Grained: the structured core panel with grained surface and a non-slip texture. Thanks to its grained appearance, it is ideal for concealing dirt and scratches. In addition to transport cases for measuring equipment or musical instruments, the grained version is also widely used for interior trim in commercial vehicles.

CoverTec "Colour"

Stylish colours

CoverTec Colour offers complete freedom of colour design for the three-layered structured core panel. Depending on your individual requirements, the two top layers as well as the dimpled middle layer of the panel can be produced in different colours, whereby you can choose from a very extensive range of colours for your perfect panels.

CoverTec "Option"

Your Wish is Our Command.

Wherever and however you use TRIPLEX structured-core panels and their various CoverTec versions in your logistics and manufacturing processes, our packaging experts and design artists can help you do so in the best possible way. Let us create your very own CoverTec "Option": a tailor-made version personalized to your exact requirements.

Download Structured-Core Panels brochure [PDF]