The higher the TRIPLEX number - in this case TRIPLEX 10 - the more heavy-duty are its applications. Featuring an impressive range of benefits including outstanding compressive and impact strength, superb rotting and moisture resistance and personalized I.D. printing capability, TRIPLEX 10 is used in hoarding walls around jobsites, dust control partitions for indoor construction as well as boxes and cubicles of various types and sizes. The application fields are amazingly diverse. Whether in the outdoor or leisure activity sectors, vehicle construction or transport packaging, TRIPLEX 10 can be fabricated to order to provide unique products with tailor-made dimensions and performance. TRIPLEX panels are environment-friendly in general due to their full recyclability and low CO2 footprint.

They are used in environment-friendly applications as well, for instance: TRIPLEX 10 panels used as regenerative solar energy cells. The system is simple in design and cost-efficient – cold water is sent through the void spaces in the panels’ structured cores and from there to a heat pump.


Product Programme

Area weight, approx. Thickness, approx.
2000 g/m² 9.6 mm
2500 g/m² 10.1 mm
3000 g/m² 10.6 mm
3500 g/m² 11.1 mm
4000 g/m² 11.7 mm
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Whatever Your Product or Application, TRIPLEX Structured-Core Panels Get The Job Done!

The unique technology incorporated in TRIPLEX structured-core panels maximizes ease of processing in finished-product fabrication. Their symmetric construction, outstanding strength, ultra-light weight, wide range of thicknesses and options including UV stabilization, electrical conductivity and talcum additives for outstanding high-temperature strength provide wide-ranging possibilities for optimized product design. Eye-pleasing colours and various types of surface texturing are available as additional options. TRIPLEX structured-core panels offer users excellent value for the purchase price invested along with benefits in the areas of environmental and resource conservation provided by our TRIPLEX NextLoop service.


If we can’t propose an existing design which is right for your specific application, e.g.

  • boxes, cartons, crates, containers
  • collapsible boxes, containers, pallet sleeves
  • container compartments, horizontal dividers, contoured inserts carrying case inserts
  • other types of disposable or reusable packaging
  • reinforcing components and structural inserts
  • display compartments, portable partitioning walls, promotional displays
  • laminated or non-laminated decorative panels, liners, machine housings
  • thermally moulded parts of various types
  • lightweight roof, floor and side panels
  • solar energy utilization systems for roofs
  • various applications in building construction and civil engineering,
  • etc. … ,
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