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Structured-Core Panels
Their contrasting properties – ultra-light weight and superb rigidity – make them incredibly versatile. Fabricated from rugged, high-impact polypropylene, they excel in diverse application fields and satisfy your demanding requirements.

Pallet Enclosures
TRIPLEX offers a wide selection of storage and transport containers incorporating their unique structured-core panel technologies. No matter what the requirements – whatever the shape, colour, size, panel thickness, unloading flap or loading port, with a closure lock or not, collapsible or not, with or without your corporate logo – we can provide the product you need. We offer a multitude of container types made from TRIPLEX 3, 5 or 10 panels including one-way or returnable cartons, crates, bins, pallet boxes and enclosures, all with precise dimensional tolerances and tight-fitting closures. Wide-ranging accessories and options round out the programme, making TRIPLEX pallet enclosures the intelligent solution for reliable transport and logistics.

multipLayer is a specialty sheet designed for transport protection of products carried in reusable containers. Its foam/sheet laminate structure and special dimple texturing provide outstanding protection in a broad variety of applications. Protection begins with impact cushioning when the part is placed in the container. Wrapped around the part, the sheet fits to its contours and prevents direct contact of adjacent parts, therefore ensuring damage-free transport. With superb perforation resistance and outstanding tensile strength, multipLayer provides reliable protection of all transported goods, even heavy parts or parts with sharp edges or pointed corners. Another advantage of this material is its compact volume providing maximum space utilization within the transport container. multipLayer can be supplied in any desired size and also can be trimmed to required sizes by the user.

Site Hoardings / Dust Control Partitions
ISO-PROTECT and ISO-CLEAN partitions, while similar in function and providing users comparable benefits, each have their own specialized applications in the construction industry. Both are extremely lightweight and rugged with outstanding compressive and impact strength. Their smooth, level surfaces are ideal showcases for corporate identity, advertising and other information of all types. They facilitate transport as they are easy to handle due to their featherlight structured-core design and are dirt-repellent. They require only minimum equipment and personnel for handling and allow space-saving, cost-effective storage. In addition they are reusable, environment-friendly and 100 % recyclable.
In combination, these benefits ensure highest cost efficiency for users.
Easy to (dis)assemble on site
Long service life, indoors or outdoors