Pallet Enclosures – For Secure Storage and Transport – Whatever the Product and Destination

TRIPLEX offers a wide selection of stowing, storage and transport containers incorporating their unique structured-core panel technologies. No matter what the requirements – whatever the shape, colour, size, panel thickness, unloading flap or loading port, with a closure lock or not, collapsible or not, with or without a corporate logo – we can provide the product you need. We offer a multitude of container types made from TRIPLEX 3, 5 or 10 panels including one-way or returnable cartons, crates, bins, pallet boxes and enclosures, all with precise dimensional tolerances and tight-fitting closures. Wide-ranging accessories and options round out the programme, making TRIPLEX pallet enclosures the intelligent solution for reliable transport and logistics.

TRIPLEX Pallet Enclosures – What Makes Them So Special? They Offer …

high quality and durability
outstanding cost-performance ratio
in-house specialized production in all process steps
single-source manufacturing responsibility
state-of-the-art production processes and machines
optimum quality and economics, even for customer-specific designs
solutions to challenging tailor-made designs
and personalized solutions
incredibly long service life

Pallet Enclosures – Available Options

custom sizes
punched holes or ports
bar codes
removable front panels
flat-embossed edges
electric conductivity
various unloading flaps
printing (corporate logos, description of contents, etc.)
… or whatever other feature you need

The available range of options for TRIPLEX pallet enclosures is astonishing - in accordance with the varied needs and special requirements of users. Even within the same industrial sector, different companies looking to improve function and appearance of storage and transport containers come up with highly innovative and unusual ideas: ideas that are waiting to be realized. For our customers, we believe that only the best product solutions are good enough. Give us your specifications for new and innovative applications. We welcome the challenge.

Download Pallet Enclosures brochure [PDF]