Higher in thickness at 5 mm, TRIPLEX 5 opens the door to more technically demanding applications. Its compact yet sturdy design is ideal for wall panels or compartments used in construction of portable machinery and process equipment.

Gone are the days of heavy metal or wooden automotive interiors: TRIPLEX 5 is the lighter-weight, fuel-saving alternative. Its outstanding properties such as superb compressive strength and impact strength, lamination capability with foams, sheets, nonwoven fabrics and coloured surfaces, excellent moisture resistance and certified suitabilty for foods applications open up a virtually unlimited range of new applications.

TRIPLEX 5 is also an ideal material for custom-designed, reusable transport packaging for medium-weight or heavyweight products.


Product Programme

Area weight, approx. Thickness, approx.
1000 g/m² 5.1 mm
1500 g/m² 5.6 mm
2000 g/m² 6.1 mm
2500 g/m² 6.5 mm

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