The New QuickSnap,
the QuickLock Fastener and
the New QuickSlide Closure (QSC)

The New QuickSnap

The latest generation of locks has been released, for use with all bins, pallet boxes and containers
made from TRIPLEX structuredcore panels! Download Folder QuickSnap

The QuickLock Fastener

Safety and reliability are basic requirements in modern logistics systems. Looking to enhance both, our experts in Haiterbach, the "plastics stronghold" in Germany’s Black Forest, developed the new QuickLock sleeve fastener, a unique fastener system showing at a glance whether it is open or closed. Due to its geometric configuration and contrasting colours, QuickLock clearly shows – even when viewed only at a glance – whether the container system is open or closed. This represents a milestone in logistics safety and provides big advantages over conventional fasteners.

Another advantage of the new QuickLock fastener: it is integrated in the container body and not in the base pallet below, as is the case with conventional fasteners. This design configuration provides outstanding physical strength and visibility and is also free of holes or openings, keeping rain outside – where it belongs. The QuickLock fastener is extremely quick and convenient to use. It is easy to access and does not require awkward manipulation, e.g. from below the pallet. Besides being user-friendly, this is also safer than conventional systems which require the operator to blindly reach under the pallet when fastening.

The QuickLock fastener is also:
easily retrofittable
100 % recyclable
suitable for use with all container sleeve sizes

QuickLock is a proprietary technology:
available exclusively from TRIPLEX and
compatible for use with all other pallet types
including single-sheet pallets.

The QuickSlide Closure (QSC)

Another important component of unloading flaps in TRIPLEX pallet enclosures is their QuickSlide closure which is superior to the hook-and-loop strip fasteners found in conventional pallet enclosures. This innovative polyamide slide closure has snap-closing action which locks it positively and securely in position, preventing inadvertent opening or displacement. Hook-and-loop fastener strips are used only to hold the flap in position when open on the outer surface of the enclosure.

The advantages of the QSL system at a glance:
slide movement and snap-locking action provide
extreme ease of use
made of rugged, high-impact polyamide
outstanding durability documented in lab testing,
no flexural fatigue
excellent weathering resistance
no hook-and-loop fastener strips to interfere with tight edge fit
can be easily retrofitted to existing pallet enclosures
outstanding value for low purchase cost
available in any desired quantity, large or small