EcoLine – More than just recycled material

The new, sustainable, resource-saving range of TRIPLEX structured core panels: made from our own premium 100% recycled polypropylene with a minimal carbon footprint. For optimum environmental performance combined with excellent material properties. It can be adapted perfectly to the individual customer requirements.

EcoLine – sustainable and high quality

Structured core panels are made from pure polypropylene: a valuable raw material that should be retained in the material cycle in the interest of environmental protection and resource conservation. To make this important contribution, our NextLoop service has been in place for many years. Regardless of what the panels are made for: when the products reach the end of their life cycle, we are pleased to take them back, recycle them and thereby return them to our own value-added cycle.

We have further expanded this environmental service, as the recycling company Infinex Repoly has been part of our group of companies since the end of 2020. Repoly, the specialist for plastic granulate and compounds, produces highquality and sorted regranulate from PP industrial waste, such as defective container sheathing, blanks, punching waste and edge trim. This allows for selective control over which source materials become part of the recycled material, meaning that the TRIPLEX EcoLine structured core panels made from 100% recycled polypropylene can be perfectly tailored to the specific customer requirements.

Environmentally friendly structured core panels – with outstanding attributes

  • First-rate panel material adapted to the individual application
  • Extremely low net weight
  • Exceptional pressure and shock resistance
  • Easy subsequent processing
  • Rot-proof and moisture-resistant
  • Superb chemical resistance
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Flat and grained surface
  • Printable with various printing technologies
  • Can be laminated with different materials such as foam, film and non-wovens
  • 100% recyclable
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