Installation of ISO-CLEAN Dust Control Wall System

ISO-CLEAN dust partition: example of installation

Step 1: The Support Frame

Patented Quick-Mounting System

Interplast’s innovative, highly versatile quick-mounting system is ideal for use in rooms with ceiling heights up to 3.5 meters. The frame features extendable vertical wooden posts which are wedged in place between the floor and the ceiling. The posts incorporate a patented rail system allowing extension to the exact ceiling height required. This quick mounting system provides substantial advantages with its extremely fast and easy installation and disassembly.

The Standard System
The posts used in the standard system are 80 x 120 mm in cross-section. Wedge the posts at 2.4 m intervals firmly into position between the floor and ceiling to secure them in place. Screw lateral slats 30 mm in thickness spaced at 1.5 m or smaller height intervals onto the posts to interconnect them and create the support frame. Now screw the ISO-CLEAN panels onto these slats. If access doors or similar components are to be incorporated in the dust wall, fix them directly onto the support frame. This sturdy and durable design is ideally suited for rooms with high ceilings, serving reliably even in long-term use.

Step 2: Panel Joints

Using a conventional hand saw, cut ISO-CLEAN panels to size as required to accommodate specific site dimensions. Install them in a butt-joint configuration. Seal off the joint with adhesive tape or elastic stripping as required to provide a secure dust-proof barrier. What more can you expect from a dust barrier system for indoor construction and renovation?

Step 3: Mounting on Frame

Using nine DIN 7995-grade button-head screws 35 mm in length, fix each 5 m² panel in position on the frame. Include finishing washers at least 20 mm in diameter under the screws. Installation can’t get much easier than that …

Installation of floor protection panels

Step 4: Floor Protection

When carrying out work in rooms with damage-sensitive flooring
(e.g. parquet, carpet or stone), use our Twin-Wall Floor Protection Panels to protect floors. Cut the panels to size as required and place them over the entire floor or parts thereof as necessary. Join the panels together using conventional adhesive tape.
Panels are available in widths up to 2.4 m.