The ISO-PROTECT Site Hoarding System

ISO-PROTECT hoarding walls reliably cordon off your jobsite whether above-ground or underground. Experts praise it as a complete site security system which keeps away unauthorized personnel and curious spectators alike. ISO-PROTECT hoardings have a particularly modern and eye-pleasing appearance as compared to fences or screen barriers. ISO-PROTECT also serves as a routing system to direct crowd traffic at events such as trade shows, concerts, sports matches and other events. ISO-PROTECT’s smooth and easy-to-clean surface is an outstanding platform for messages of all types including corporate identity logos, advertising, crowd routing, identification of the building contractor, owner and/or architects, etc. etc.

Their portability, low transport weight and ease of installation make them the professional solution wherever quick dismantling and relocation are required. Their special design allows repeated reuse. ISO-PROTECT hoardings are weather-resistant, environment-friendly and 100 % recyclable. Wind tunnel tests conducted successfully at air speeds up to 135 km/h document their outstanding strength and durability.

Product Programme Hoarding Walls
Structured-core panel ISO-PROTECT 10/2000
approx. 10 mm thick, area weight 2000 g/m²
Dimensions / design 2.4 x 2.1 m / closed edges on top and one side. Colour: grey (approx. RAL 7001) or black (made with regrind resin)